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Bali Pulau Keberagaman

Bali Pulau Keberagaman


Pulau Weh, 0 km of Indonesia Part 2

After the monument 0km we went back to the Cottage and going snorkling, the water so calm, weather was good. The view was so clear, I can see a a lot of fish but too bad I cant see the life colourful Coral as they were damaged during tsunami in 2004. They told me to go to Pulau Rubiah as the view and the beach were more beautiful but I cant do that as I have to catch ferry.

Around 10.00 we packed as the ferry leaving around 12. and headed to town for a lunch before continue to Balohan Harbour. At the end of Jalan perdagangan left side we found a small warung sell aceh food and it was damn good. The food so tasty and fresh, the best original aceh home food I ever taste so far. 

After the lunch we then proceed to Balohan Harbour, there we bought the ticket and waiting to go to the ferry. I bought rujak there, mixed sliced fruit with spicy salt and was surprise the papaya taste was the best I ever had in my life. Trying the papaya in Pulau Weh is a must then!

Balohan Harbour
Balohan Harbour it self was very clean and as you can see above picture, it is Wi Fi Free!!!!I think other harbour and airport in Indonesia must be like this.

Actually there are a lot of places I havent visited as Hot Spring, you can find it in 6m depth in the sea and hot mud pool in Siruit. In Pria Laot, at the up stream you can see the biggest waterfall in Pulau Weh. Pasir Putih also worth to visit as it is very beautifull especially during the monsoon season. So I guess Im saving it for my next trip as im sure I will going back to Pulau Weh again.

Pulau Weh, 0 km of Indonesia Part 1

The view on the way to Iboih
 I always want to go to Pulau Weh, I have heard that is a beautiful island and last September 2011 I finally take the ferry boat from Banda Aceh, Ulee Lhee Harbour to Balohan Harbour, Pulau Weh. Pulau Weh Located at the Nothern Part of Sumatra, part of Aceh Province in Andaman Sea.

Gapang Beach
I went there with my husband from Banda Aceh with motorcycle and it took me 2 hours by ferry boat to arrive at the harbour, there we stopped by to my husband relative in down town Sabang, they then suggest us to stay at Iboih. Actually we would like to stayed at Sumur Tiga but that time the area is full because of the sailing event. From down town to iboih by motorcycle takes you about 30 minutes.

View from my Cottage at Iboih
Below picture is taken right at my balcony in Teupin Layeu (Iboih) . I wished I can stay there longer, the rate is pretty cheap, I got special rate on USD17.5nett per night, rate is without breakfast. I just stayed there for a night due I have to go back to Banda Aceh in next day, that time the tide was high and we were afraid the harbour will be closed like a day before we were in Sabang. The room itselves is pretty basic, there was an iron bed with mattress and mosquito net, wood floor, the bathroom was clean, that is the most important thing to me. Well for the price like that with the view like this, I dont mind at all.

Satay Guri
At Iboih there were Internet Center and Cafes, most with western food. So in the afternoon we decided to explore the food in the Sabang City down town. We then went to Jalan Perdagangan that is famous with the local food, tried Mie rebus, is a simple noodle with boiled scramble egg and it was nice, the place was full of local as well. After the Mie rebus we decided to continue to the food court, we tried Sate Gurita, it was an octopus satay, it was delicious and so fresh. At the end we went to the minimarket near by for some mineral water and the famous Pia Sabang, cake with green bean inside. After the dinner we decided to ride around the town, passing Pantai kasih and surround. After that we called the night and go back to the cottage.

We woke up early in the morning, the sun was arise right in front of the our balcony. The morning there was so beautiful and  freshing. I really love laying on my hammock and enjoying the morning sun touching my skin.

We were planning to do some snorkling but I felt it was too early and the water still cold for me then we decided to go to 0km Indonesia first that is located 8 km from our cottage. It takes about 10 minutes to go there, the road was very empty, we were up to the hill, passing the sea view and forestry, also militarypoint.                                                                                                                                                                     

Signage to 0km nearby our cottage area

The road to 0km
When we arrived there the monument area was like an abandon place. Too bad as it could be prettier. The monument and big stones there are damaged by unresponsible people writing their names on it. It looks very unartistic and I was so angry with them to ruin the place like that but the place left with no guard and also no entrance fee.I

Monumen 0 Km Indonesia
view of Andaman Sea, at the tip of West Indonesia


New Years Eve 2011

This is when we were celebrating New Years Eve 2011 in our hotel, as a hotelier it is a luxury to celebrate new years eve with our family. Last time I celebrated New Years Eve with my family was 5 years ago while I was taking a break in my career. So then we decided to enjoy it to the fullest, work is work but this time we make it fun too.

The theme for last year is "Super Hero" we dress up like superhero, mostly the inspiration coming from Hollywood but i choose my Indonesia Legend Superwoman called "Srikandi". Srikandi is one of the playrole in Mahabharata, the ancient epic from India, in the Javanese epic she is the wife of Arjuna and equal to man while in the original indian epic she is a man that was a woman in his previous life. So I guess I chosed to wear Srikandi Costume because I am a woman from outside but inside I can be as tough and firm like a man.


Conscious, what is the meaning of that if I can’t breathe the same air as my love one 
If I can’t see the one I want to see 
If I can’t feel thee 

I feel not a thing 
As everything doesn’t look like things 

So again rip my heart 
So at least I can feel something 
Even though it is sorrow 
Even sorrow is me 

tatapan mata anakku

Tatapannya membuatku merasa orang yang paling dicintai sedunia
Baginya saat ini akulah matahari dunianya
Alam utamanya
Dia memujaku tanpa ragu
Baginya aku sempurna

Entah sampai kapan dia akan menatapku seperti itu
dan aku sadar suatu saat tempatku akan tergantikan
ketika dia beranjak besar
dan mulai punya semestanya sendiri

Tapi akan terus kuingat saat-saat itu
tetap kunikmati detik detik itu
hingga akhir hayatku

Suatu saat akan tiba dia berpasangan
Suatu saat mungkin dia akan punya keturunan
Suatu saat ketika dia dikelilingi teman
Aku akan tetap ingat kala itu
Suatu saat ketika aku segala baginya

Pada sebuah masa ketika aku mencoba berbahagia

Pada sebuah masa ketika aku mencoba berbahagia
Dikala penderitaan begitu nyeri hingga aku mati rasa
Ketika sampai pada kesadaran
Bahwa tangis tak pernah menghasilkan apa apa

Kucoba untuk lupa
Akan rasa sakit dan derita
Karena ketika kuingat pun percuma
Tiada akhir yang terbawa

Kumatikan tombol sakit itu
Kutekan tombol Pause dalam deritaku
Biarkan dia berhenti sejenak
Memberi ruang senyum dan tawa walau itu hanya sementara

Kuhirup udara segar yang berhembus
Kubuka mata dan kutajamkan telinga dan semua indra
Pencarian dan pensyukuran atas segala keindahan sederhana
Akhirnya aku masih bisa tersenyum bahagia

Aku masih bisa hidup dan menikmati sang kala
Kala saat ini
Kala aku tertawa
Kala aku tak lagi berpikir esok lusa
Karna saat ini aku menikmati bahagia walau jika hanya untuk detik ini saja